Health Notes #37

Decorative Ideas to Spruce it Up

Parsley: This is a quick way to doctor up a plain loaf or stick on the top of a sandwich or on the plate beside, and it is good for you.

Flowers: In the summer add some edible flowers to the top of your salad, etc. Nasturtiums, violets, clover blossoms. (The leaves are edible, too.)

Radish Roses: Wash radishes. Make narrow slits on all four sides to about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the radish. Be careful not to cut all the way.

Tomato Rose: Using a firm tomato begin peeling the skin off as you would an apple, around and around, all in one piece. Pick up the beginning end and carefully begin to wrap it around your finger. Continue winding up into a tight circle until completed. Turn it over and there you have your beautiful rose. Add parsley or an edible leaf to each side and lay on your entree.

Carrot Flowers: Take a shark knife and cut trenches "V's" from top to bottom. Make 4-6 of these. Slice in rounds. Add a bit of mayonnaise or olive round to the center and parsley leaves.

Lemon Twist: Cut thin slices of lemon. Cut each slice only once, through the peeling to the center. Taking the slice where it is cut give it a twist, going one way with one hand and the other way with the other. Lay on top of your fresh steamed garden greens. How about on the lemon pie?

Cherry Tomatoes: Punch a hole in the stem area of the tomato and stick in a piece of parsley. Adding just 3 of these simple decorations makes any dish more appetizing.

Cucumbers: Score either peeled or unpeeled cucumbers with a fork. Start at the top and go straight to the the bottom and then do it again until you have lines all the way around. Slice and serve in a salad or on a veggie tray. You can also peel in stripes leaving some on and peeling some skin off, then cut in rounds.

Olives: The black or green olive whole or in circles along with the radish, parsley, or carrot flower is delightful.

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