Health Notes #36

Some Menu Suggestions


  • Cereals -- eat a serving of cooked whole grain or granola, plus whole grain bread with nut butter or "jam".
  • Fresh Fruit -- eat an abundance, and a variety. More when in season.
  • Frozen Fruit or canned fruit put up for the winter.
  • Something Special -- occasionally serve something in addition to or in place of the above. Waffle for bread. Scrambled Tofu or a crisp.
  • Milk -- over the cereal, or crisp.


  • Entree/Protein dish.
  • Lots of raw vegetables or salad. (Learn to eat a variety during the week but keep the variety down at each particular meal.)
  • Yellow or green cooked vegetable.
  • Whole grain bread and spread (your spread may be your protein.)


  • You may choose to skip this meal and earn yourself some extra minutes of time in the evening with your family.
  • Fruit: raw or as a cobbler.
  • Grain: toast or regular bread, popcorn, etc.

Three or possibly four items at a meal is plenty to fill all our bodies needs. Just remember to use the above keys and eat a variety during the week but keep your portions large and the different items few each day. This key will help you keep simple and cut down on your overall preparation time. Plan ahead, you CAN do it!

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