Health Notes #20

Charcoal For Your Medicine Cabinet?

Why would I want charcoal in my medicine cabinet? Because it is one of natures finest magnetic sponges for adsorbing our enemies: pain from burns, toxins, poisons, pollutants and bacteria, just to name a few. It may be used without side effects or overdose. It has no additives, chemicals, binders, etc. It can be bought in many forms, as tablet, powder or capsule.

Charcoal is plain black wood from your fireplace or stove, which has not burned completely. It can be pulverized (in a can) with a hammer and/or blended into powder. When used internally, it is considered the most valuable single agent currently available for treating drug overdose, poisoning, stomach distress, intestinal gas, toxic condition.

General instructions: Prepare a charcoal drink suspension by stirring into one or more large glasses of water 2-3 heaping teaspoons of charcoal for minor complaints. For moderate to severe poisonings, use 4-6 heaping tablespoons of powder into as much water as can be ingested. Repeat as needed.

Many times a sore throat may be prevented by dissolving charcoal tablet(s) in the mouth. The pain of a sore throat is often relieved by the use of a charcoal poultice.

General instructions: Drink plenty of water, repeat charcoal tablet(s) in mouth as needed, avoid refined sugar foods. Get plenty of rest, find the cause, if possible.
2-3 tsp. of charcoal power may be stirred into a large glass of water to adsorb offending organisms. Stir charcoal into a little water before adding the rest of the glassful of water.

For insect, spider and snake bites, bee stings, poison skin contacts, inflammations, boils and other minor external injuries, follow instructions for charcoal poultice.

Eye injuries such as from arc-welding burns, and from bruising or post-surgical discomfort may be treated with a soothing charcoal poultice (eyelids closed!). Pain is reduced and restoration of normal tissue is aided by the use of a poultice.

Caution: There is one caution of particular importance and that is that charcoal is a powerful adsorbent and will certainly adsorb other drugs that one may be taking by prescription. Do not take charcoal with prescribed drugs without checking with your physician. It will adsorb penicillin, heart medicines, etc.

Check with your local health food store for a supply to have on hand. Its as much a first-aid item as a band-aid.


Charcoal Poultice

1. Make the poultice the size to meet your need. All you want to do is to cover the injured part with a thin charcoal sandwich.

2. The paste is made by mixing equal parts of flaxseed meal or cornstarch with the powder (activated charcoal) in a bowl or suitable container and adding hot-to-boiling water to make a moderately thick paste but thin enough to spread thinly on your sandwich.

3. Now spread the paste evenly over a paper towel or porous cloth cut to the proper size. Cover it with a top piece of towel the same size.

4. Place this over the area to be treated and cover with a larger piece of household plastic. Now use a cloth or towel to cover and hold the sandwich and plastic in place. Secure by a tie, stretch bandage or a pin. This can be messy.

5. Apply poultice immediately for 1-2 hours or at bedtime, leaving overnight. Adsorption takes place almost immediately. Change poultice after each use. Wash or gently cleanse area when finished with cool water. Repeat as needed.

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