Section 16

Part 5


SYMPTOMS—Something was swallowed, smelled, or touched that caused the person to be poisoned.

CAUSES—We live in the Chemical Age, and it is taking us down rapidly. Sometimes the ongoing poisoning becomes especially serious.

Children are especially sensitive, because they are even less careful than the rest of us.

The cause may be medicinal and street drugs, batteries, cosmetics, paints and varnishes, pesticides, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, workplace chemicals, various gases, etc.


• Contact your nearest Poison Control Center and describe the situation to them. Have labels of the product at hand. Every state and many large cities in America and Canada have their own PCC phone number. There is no nationwide number. Telephone the operator (0) or emergency (911), and they can direct you to your nearest Poison Control Center.

• Many poisons are strong acids or strong alkalies. In such cases, the antidote will have the opposite pH. But the PCC will know what the antidote should be. The PCC will have even better data on the substance than will be found on the label of the product. Then contact a physician.

• If the poison is on the outside of the body, flush with plenty of water. If inside, follow directions on the label if no other information is available.

• Many poisons can be counteracted by taking an emetic to cause vomiting. (In the case of certain caustic poisons, vomiting is not the best.) Put a teaspoon of salt in 2 cups of warm water and drink it quickly. This will usually produce vomiting. Repeat a second or third time if necessary. Tickle the throat with a finger. After vomiting has occurred, induce more vomiting.

• If the person has swallowed a caustic acid, swallow soda, chalk, lime water, milk, or vegetable oil first to neutralize the acid in the stomach; then induce vomiting.

• If the person has swallowed a strong alkali, then first neutralize it with lemon or vinegar.

• Swallow lots of powdered charcoal in water.

• After swallowing the powdered charcoal, to help heal the stomach, drink a tea of white oak bark, alfalfa, oregano, or sweet basil.

• If bits of glass from a broken bottle got into the food and some was swallowed, eat lots of soft bread. This sticky dough will tend to wrap around the glass and may help carry it safely through the intestines.

• Cleanse the body; eat nutritious food. Include lots of fiber, including pectin in apples; this helps discharge metals from the body. Have a hair analysis made. It will tell you how much you have. Whole grains are all high in fiber. A urine analysis can also identify the metal excess or deficiency.

• Vitamin A helps the body discharge poisons. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause lesions from radiation, antibiotics, and metal poisoning. The B complex vitamins protects the nervous system and help the liver detoxify the blood. Deficiencies of vitamin B6 suppress the immune system. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and prevents free-radical damage. Calcium and magnesium are natural chelating minerals. Selenium enhances the functions of vitamin E. Zinc is a free-radical inhibitor, and helps utilize vitamin A.

• Herbs which help counteract metal poisoning include Burdock, alfalfa, chaparral, dandelion, echinacea, fennel, garlic, juniper, kelp, lobelia, and cayenne.

• Eat eggs, onions, beans, legumes, and garlic to obtain sulfur to counteract the arsenic. It helps to eliminate the arsenic. But do not take inorganic sulfur into the body! It will produce boils. Only drink distilled water. Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.

—Related topics in this book include "Food Poisoning," "Chemical Poisoning," ""Aluminum," "Arsenic," "Cadmium," Copper," "DDT," Fluoride," "Lead," "Mercury," "Nickel," "Radiation," "Toxic Shock," "Drug Rash," "Tobacco," and "Toxemia."

ENCOURAGEMENT—There are many problems which we encounter in life, but only God can help us deal with them. Go to Him with your difficulties; He can give wisdom to know what best to do.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—A remarkable variety of symptoms can occur, among which the following are common: stuffy nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, ringing in the ears, nausea, upset stomach, eczema, depression, headache, fatigue, bronchitis, asthma, and arthritis.

WHERE FOUND—We live in a chemical age. These chemicals are in the air, water, earth, food, and drink. We find them in the materials, surfaces, and fabrics in our lives. It is impossible to escape from them, but knowledge and care can reduce the rate at which these hazards cause us harm.

Metals, such as mercury, chrome, nickel, and beryllium produce skin rashes. Aluminum is the primary cause of Alzheimer's disease.

• Lead causes anemia.

• Dental fillings containing mercury can poison the system.

• Herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, fumigants, and fertilizers seep into the soil, ground, water, and wells.

• These poisons are taken up by the plants which animals, birds, and humans eat; it passes on into milk, eggs, meat. The toxic substances are in the fruit and vegetables we eat.

• There are food preservatives and additives. There are artificial colorings, flavorings, and odors. These come from coal tar and lead to cancer.

• Waxes are on the fruit, and added sprays are on the vegetables. There are ripening agents and defoliant chemicals.

• There are toxic fumes, dangerous chemicals, and radioactive wastes. The rivers and lakes are polluted with poisonous runoff.

• There are hair sprays, treated bedding, animal hair products, paint formulas, and exotic cleaning formulas.

• There is benzene from solvents, styrene from plastics, and formaldehyde from pressed-wood products.

• Smoke arises from cigarettes, cigars, and burning forest fires.

• We hardly have time to worry about old-fashioned dust, molds, parasites, and diseases. We now live amid an onslaught of chemicals and radiation.

—For additional information, please see "Poisoning," "Food Poisoning," "Aluminum Poisoning," "Arsenic Poisoning," "Cadmium Poisoning," "Copper Poisoning," "DDT Poisoning," "Fluoride Poisoning," "Lead Poisoning," "Mercury Poisoning," "Nickel Poisoning," and "Radiation Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—As you try to help others, you will yourself be helped. There are those all about us who need a friend they can talk to and pray with. The more you help them, the more help you will receive yourself.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASES—Many symptoms are similar to those of Alzheimer's disease (which see) and osteoporosis (which see).

Other symptoms include gastrointestinal problems, colic, rickets, extreme nervousness, headache, anemia, poor kidney and liver function, speech disturbances, memory loss, weak and aching muscles, and softening of bones.

It is believed, by many, that Alzheimer's disease is caused by aluminum poisoning. Aluminum was little used until the 1940s, when an inexpensive method was found to extract it from Bauxite by running an electric current through that ore. Since then, Alzheimer's has rapidly increased.

An excess of either aluminum or silicon in the body results in reduced absorption of calcium and other minerals. Aluminum salts in the brain produces impaired mental abilities and seizures. The autopsied brains of Alzheimer's patients had four times as much aluminum as did those of other people.

Aluminum also damages the kidneys which try to excrete it from the body.

WHERE FOUND—Aluminum pots, pans, and other cookware. Aluminum foil, antiperspirants, deodorants, bleached flour, regular table salt, tobacco smoke, processed cheese, cream of tartar, douches, canned goods, baking powder, antacids, buffered aspirin, and most city water. Processed cheese is high in it, for the aluminum helps it melt when heated. Never use aluminum (or copper) cookware! Use stainless steel or glass whenever possible.

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing aluminum. Avoid aluminum sources and environments.

Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning" and "Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Do not allow the perplexities and worries of everyday life to fret your mind and come between you and God. You need Him all the more in the troubles you encounter. Do not forsake Him.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Confusion, headaches, drowsiness, convulsions, vomiting, muscle cramps, diarrhea, bloody urine, and gastrointestinal problems. Alopecia, constipation, delayed healing of skin problems, edema, burning and tingling, and stomatitis. The lungs, skin, and liver are primarily affected.

WHERE FOUND—Herbicides, slug poisons, pesticides, beer, water, table salt, seafood, tobacco smoke, laundry aids, smog, dolomite, and bone meal. Copper smelting, mining shafts, sheep dipping.

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing arsenic. Avoid arsenic sources and environments.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Thank God there are answers! Go to Him in prayer and you will receive the help you need. He can give you guidance that you very much need.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Anemia; joint soreness; hair loss; dry, scaly skin; dulled sense of smell; high blood pressure; loss of appetite. It can lead to emphysema and cancer.

Cadmium is a trace metal; but it is poisonous and weakens the immune system by decreasing T-cell production in the body. It is increasingly found in many substances.

Cadmium stores up in the liver and kidneys, seriously weakening both organs.

WHERE FOUND—Cigarette and cigar smokers have high cadmium levels, but you can get it from second-hand smoke. Cadmium is in plastics, white paint, and nickel-cadmium batteries. It is in drinking water, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, industrial air pollution, and various foodstuffs, including rice, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and refined grains.

SOLUTIONS—Avoid cadmium sources and environments.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—As you open your door to needy ones, you are inviting angels to come in. Do what you can to be a blessing to those around you, and you will be blessed.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Excess amounts of copper can result in emotional problems, behavioral disorders, mood swings, anemia, depression, kidney damage, eczema, schizophrenia, sickle-cell anemia, and central nervous system damage.

It can produce infections, heart attack, anemia, cirrhosis of the liver, mental illness, insomnia, stuttering, Wilson's disease, and niacin deficiency.

WHERE FOUND—Beer, copper plumbing and cookware, insecticides, permanent wave kits, pasteurized milk, oral contraceptives, tobacco, swimming pools, city water, and various foods, including certain frozen foods (added to make peas greener).

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing copper. Avoid copper sources and environments.

DEFICIENCY—It is also possible to not have enough copper in the body. Without a balance of copper and zinc in the body, the thyroid will not work properly. Babies fed soy milk tend to have a deficiency of copper. The result is damaged nerves, bones, and lungs. Adults lacking copper will lose protein. Excessively large doses of zinc can also produce a copper deficiency. Oral contraceptives can cause either an excess or deficiency of copper.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Keep cheerful and sunny. This will encourage those around you to take heart. They have problems too. Kneel down and pray with them.


THE PROBLEM—We still have DDT poisoning. First introduced in 1939, into agriculture, to kill insects, and banned in December 1972. DDT is still here.

First, it has long-lasting effects on birds, fish, animals, and humans. Second, it is still in the water and soil.

Third, shipments of DDT food from overseas is not banned. Food grown in Israel is heavily DDTed, and then shipped to America because orthodox Jews will not allow it to be sold in Israel. Fourth, it is still used on fruit trees in America!

SOLUTIONS—Avoid DDT sources and environments. Special note: Do not fast on water alone; always do it on fruit juices. This is because DDT is stored in your body fat. During a water fast, its sudden release can damage various organs. Only drink distilled water. Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Come up to the light of God's Word, where Jesus is, and you will find all the guidance you need on the pathway to heaven.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Mottled, discolored teeth. This is a permanent change which cannot be reversed.

THE PROBLEM—Dentists prescribe fluoride substances for teeth; fluoride, a trace mineral, is added to most city water in excessively large amounts. The objective is to reduce dental caries (tooth decay); but a much smaller amount does this, and only in small children. Fluoride never helps the teeth of adults. (The true cause of dental caries is eating sugar, candies, refined carbohydrates, soda beverages, and too little of fruits and vegetables.)

There was an 85% increase of cancer in Manchester, England, after the introduction of fluoride. Down's syndrome increased in U.S. cities when fluoridated water supplies began. Japanese researchers found that children with mottled teeth had a higher incidence of heart disease.

Fluoride combines with calcium to make an insoluble calcium, producing bone deformities.

Fluoride destroys iodine, thus causing thyroid problems.

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing fluoride. Avoid fluoride sources and environments. Only drink distilled water. Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—In Christ is light and peace and joy forevermore. The longer we live with Christ, the closer we draw to heaven. Let nothing separate you from His side.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Lead poisoning produces hyperactivity in children, behavioral problems, and weakened minds.

Chronic lead poisoning causes reproductive disorders, impotence in men, infertility in women, and anemia. Sudden infant death syndrome occurs more often in infants with high lead levels than those who die of other causes.

Toxic amounts damage liver, kidneys, heart, and nervous system. Those suffering from lead poisoning will have days of severe gastrointestinal colic. Gums turn blue and he may feel muscle weakness. Paralysis of the extremities, blindness, mental disturbances, protein disorder, loss of memory, mental retardation, and even insanity can eventually result. Painter's colic shows severe wandering pain in the abdomen and acute muscle spasm.

Sometimes you will find a lead line on the gum margin of the teeth.

WHERE FOUND—Lead is extremely toxic, and is widely found in leaded gasoline; lead pipes; and other piping using solder, ceramic glazes, lead-based paints, and lead-acid batteries. Lead arsenate is an insecticide used on certain plants. Burning newspapers throw lead into the air. Lead is in commercial baby milk and industrial materials (nails, solder, plating, plaster, and putty).

People also consume it when they use tobacco, eat liver, and drink domestic or imported wines. It can also be in soldered cans.

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing lead. Avoid lead sources and environments.

Buy only canned goods which are lead-free. These cans have been welded and have no soldered side seems. Do not use imported canned goods; no regulations cover them. Only drink distilled water. Drink plenty of fruit and vegetable juices.

Stay off the main highways whenever possible, and do not live near them. Lead fumes and other noxious chemicals and metals are still coming out of car exhausts. Do not grow family garden crops near the highways.

Do not have lead or copper water pipes in your home; use PVC (plastic) pipes instead. Copper pipes are connected with lead solder. Solder leaches a significant amount of lead into the water supply, especially during the first few years after installation. Lead solder was not banned until 1986.

Do not drink out of glazed pottery—especially if it is imported! The glaze can contain lead, which will leach into your fruit juice, etc.

Vitamin E tends to reduce the effects of lead poisoning.

Drink aloe vera gel or liquid.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—If we have Christ abiding with us, we shall be Christians at home as well as abroad. He who is a Christian will have kind words for all he associates with. As we do this, our own hearts will be warmed the more with Christ's love.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Allergies, anxiety, metallic taste, gastroenteritis, burning mouth pain, salivation, abdominal pain, tremors, uncontrolled crying, vertigo, nausea, and vomiting.

Mercury poisoning can lead to colitis, kidney disease, dermatitis, asthma, hair loss, gingivitis, mental and emotional disturbances, and nerve damage.

It is believed, by many, that multiple sclerosis is caused by mercury poisoning.

Arriving in the brain, it is stored there and produces dizziness, insomnia, weakness, fatigue, depression, and memory loss.

Symptoms in a child include hyperactivity, irritability, depression, and behavioral changes.

WHERE FOUND—Mercury is more toxic than lead, and can be ingested or inhaled. It is stored in the brain and in the fat.

At normal temperatures, it tends to change from a solid into a gas. This means that the mercury in the amalgam fillings in your mouth are always ready, when the opportunity presents itself, to pass into saliva and be swallowed. Acids in food provide that opportunity. Amalgam is over 50% mercury. Minute amounts of methyl mercury are released from the tooth filling as you chew your food. Eventually it passes into the organs and brain.

Nearly 100 chemicals are placed in mouths by dentists—including mercury, copper, nickel, beryllium, zinc, phenol, formaldehyde, disocyanate, and acetone.

Mercury is also found in streams, lakes, fish, shellfish, and sewage. The problem is that it is added to insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Grains and seeds are frequently treated with it, to keep out bugs. We would rather eat a stray bug than mercury. Gradually these substances have gone into the rivers and lakes, contaminating the fish.

Mercury is also included in fabric softeners, polishes, wood preservatives, latex, solvents, plastics, ink, and some paints. It is in cosmetics, laxatives which have calomel, some hemorrhoidal suppositories, and a variety of other medications.

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing mercury. Avoid mercury sources and environments.

Remove the mercury (amalgam) fillings from your teeth. Sweating helps excrete mercury. Selenium also helps eliminate it.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Tell the one in trouble, "Let us pray." Kneel down together and unload your hearts to God. Find in Him the peace and help that both of you need.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Skin rashes, respiratory illness, and myocardial infarction. It also interferes with the Kreb's cycle.

WHERE FOUND—Nickel is found in hydrogenated fats and oils and refined and processed foods,

SOLUTIONS—Read labels and use nothing containing nickel. Avoid nickel sources and environments.

Do not pierce your ears or wear metal jewelry containing nickel. The posts placed in pierced ears are nickel, and cause nickel rash. This rash will appear everywhere in your body when you are wearing metal of any kind. The cause is the nickel in those ear posts or in the earrings. Leave your ears the way God made them.

Avoid nickel alloys in dental work.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Where can we find help? Only in God! No one on earth can fill our deepest needs. Only He who created us can give what is needed, as we cry to Him in faith for help.


SYMPTOMS AND DISEASE—Dizziness, mental fatigue, eye fatigue, severe headache, cataracts, and nausea.

WHERE FOUND—Medical and dental X rays (which see), television, cellular phones, video display terminals, satellite dishes, building materials containing radon or uranium, computers, microwave ovens, satellites, high-voltage electric lines, radar devices, electronic games, smoke detectors, and tobacco.

Radioactive substances are composed of unstable atoms which can harm the body. When radiation strikes a cell, it alters, damages, or destroys it. Whether a little or a lot, radiation is a killer.

Living tissue is damaged when ionizing radiation strikes it. This is radiation powerful enough to shift electrons from one collection of atoms to another. Such restructuring of tissue can result in disease or cancer.

A significant percentage of women inherit a gene that is sensitive to X-ray exposure. In those women, even a short exposure to X rays can lead to cancer.

SOLUTIONS—Avoid radiation sources and environments.

In order to protect the body from radioactive elements, you must eat enough non-radioactive ones. For example, if you are not obtaining enough calcium, your body will absorb radioactive strontium-90 from the air. Where did the strontium-90 come from? from an exploded nuclear bomb halfway around the world. The same is true for regular iodine vs. radioactive iodine (iodine-131), which destroys the thyroid.

Foods which protect against radiation include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

Foods which reduce one's ability to be protected against radiation include meat, poultry, dairy products, sugar, refined food, and food with chemical additives.

—For additional information, see "Chemical Poisoning."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Our time here is short. We can pass through this world but once. While we are here, let us do all we can to help and bless others. There are so many around us who need our help. In Christ's strength, you can minister to many of their needs.


SYMPTOMS—This begins with neurological weakness in the arms, legs, and face. As it progresses, paralysis of the motor nerves can occur. This can lead to respiratory failure. As the condition worsens, there is strong anxiety, fear, and panic, and depression. Convalescence and recovery can be slow, with the possibility of permanent nerve damage.

CAUSES—This is another disease produced by vaccinations. Normally, such a condition would never occur. But when fluids, drawn from animals, are injected into the human bloodstream, terrible consequences can result.

Gerald Ford's introduction of a nationwide vaccination program, in the winter of 1976-1977, was a disaster and resulted in many cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Other possible factors could be surgery, a viral infection, Hodgkin's disease, rabies, or lupus (each of which, except surgery, see).


• There are instances in which a careful home-care recovery program nicely solved the problem.

• In one case, a young man was told he had a severe case of Guillain-Barré syndrome, and that it might require 2 years to recover.

Refusing cortisone shots, he used natural healing methods: heavy on vitamins and minerals, especially B complex, plus extra pantothenic acid, and vitamin C with bioflavonoids. In addition to other minerals, he emphasized calcium, potassium, and extra chelated minerals. Herbs included blue vervain, licorice root, chamomile echinacea, burdock, and ginkgo. He also took chlorophyll, green drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, especially carrot and beet juice. Within a month, he was well and back to work, with no residual problems later occurring.

ENCOURAGEMENT—A lamp, however small, may be the means of lighting many other lamps. Trusting in Jesus, do what you can to encourage another, and you will be more courageous yourself.


CAUSES—It is truly surprising what a high percentage of medicinal drugs are poisonous. But it need not be, when the underlying modus operandi (method by which they work) is understood.

Medicinal drugs work by introducing a strange new poison into the body. The system immediately turns its attention from the debilitated area—and begins fighting the drug. The type of poison (the drug) introduced, and the way it operates, affects the reaction of the body. For example, the body was eliminating sulphur through a boil but then a drug is introduced, and the boil seemingly "heals." The body has let the boil no longer suppurate, so attention can be diverted to the radical poison which has been introduced.

Natural remedies operate in a different way: They clean out the body and restore it to a healthy normalcy. Whether it be fresh air, pure water, nutritious food, simple herbs, or water treatments, the natural remedies assist the body in carrying on its work of cleansing the body. For that is what "dis-ease" is: an effort of nature to cleanse the body of impurities and eliminate the effects of enervation.

A drug is a foreign substance of a poisonous nature. The healing herbs are not "drugs." It is true that about five of every 100 herbs is poisonous, but natural therapy only uses the safe ones. The poisonous ones can be purchased at the drugstore or grocery counter (tobacco, coffee, black tea, chocolate, black pepper, digitalis, quinine, etc.). Such things as aspirin, valium, phenobarbital, dilantin, morphine, etc., are foreign chemical substances of a poisonous nature. They all produce dangerous side effects, called "contraindications."

In contrast, the safe herbs are the ones you eat (all your worthwhile vegetables) and use for treating your ills. They were given us by the God of heaven (Genesis 1:29).

Most of the damage that drugs inflict on the body is beneath the skin, but drug rashes are effects on the skin.

Here are but a few examples of drugs which produce drug rashes:

Antipyrine: Papular, erythematous rash, sometimes accompanied by edema and much irritation.

Arsenic: Papular or erythematous rash, sometimes urticarial. Prolonged use may produce pigmentation of skin.

Belladonna: Erythematous rash, usually accompanied by intense itching.

Bromides: Usually like acne vulgaris. Sometimes erythema.

Chloral: Papular erythema.

Iodides: Usually papular erythema, sometimes with acne-like pustules.

Phenolphthalein: Macular rash, sometimes purpuric.

Quinine: Very irritable erythema or urticaria.

Salicylate: Erythematous rash, possibly morbilliform.

Serum: Usually urticaria.

Sulfonal: Erythematous or urticarial rash.

Here are some other drugs which produce skin rashes: opium compounds, acetanilide, amidopyrine, barbiturates, ephedrine, novocain, sulfanilamide, and other sulfa drugs.

Some of the drugs have been given very nice-sounding names, but note the chemicals in them: calomel (mercurous chloride), green vitriol (ferrous sulfate), goulard water (lead lotion), oil of vitriol (sulfuric acid), and vermilion (mercury sulfide). Most drugs are compounded from, not two but, a wide range of extremely complex and very poisonous chemical mixtures.

Let it be emphasized that most drugs work their damage in a thousand other ways in the body, without producing skin rashes.


• Stop using the medicinal drug. Take vitamin C to bowel tolerance (all you can, before its acidity causes a slight diarrhea). Take vitamins A, B complex, and E. Be sure selenium and zinc are in your diet. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as seaweed.

• If the drug has an acid base, consider taking a soda alkaline bath (Water Therapy Manual, p. 142)(see book store). Fill a bath tub with water at 95o-98o F. Add about a cup of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate. Sitting in the tub, dip and pour it over yourself. After 30-60 minutes, stand in the tub, partially drip dry, and pat yourself dry.

—Also see "Eczema."

ENCOURAGEMENT—The throne of grace is to be our continual dependence. There is strength for us in Christ. He is our Advocate before the Father.


HYDRO—Here are some suggestions from the author's book, Water Therapy Manual (see book store), on the topic of detoxifying the body:

Adsorb toxins: Poultices made of charcoal, clay, and glycerin, etc. (p. 86).

Eliminate toxins: These are procedures which encourage vital resistance to disease while at the same time encouraging the destruction of toxins by stimulating the toxin-destroying cells of the thyroid, liver, spleen, lymphatics, and other tissues: Hepatic Douche, Splenic Douche, General Cold Douche. (The word, "douche," in hydrotherapy, means "spray.") Steam Bath (p. 39) and Hot Fomentations (p. 70).

Remove waste products: Contrast Baths to the arm, hand, leg, or foot (pp. 112-118).

Combat local toxemia, resulting degenerations, and localized inflammations: Hot blanket Pack followed by Sweating Wet Sheet Pack; repeat every 3-4 hours if necessary. Fomentation to throat every 2-3 hours for 15 minutes; Ice Compress to throat during intervals; if inflammation becomes intense and sloughing is threatened, the Heating Compress at 60o F., changing every hour. Steam Inhalation (p. 191).

Combat toxemia: Sweating procedures, Radiant Hot Bath, Sweating Wet Sheet Pack, Steam Bath, prolonged Neutral Bath. Follow hot baths by short cold applications, such as a Wet Sheet Rub, Cold Towel Rub, Cold Shower, Spray Douche, copious water drinking. Enema daily for a week or two, at 70o F (p. 207).

ENCOURAGEMENT—Give to God the most precious offering you can give. Give Him your heart. He will take it and, with your cooperation, make it pure and clean.

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