Section 14
Birth and Children

Part 3
Birth Defects


SYMPTOMS—A variety of partially, or wholly, incapacitating physical or mental defects which are present at birth.

CAUSES—More than 90% of birth defects are the result of preconception and early pregnancy malnutrition of the mother. Such defects include cleft palates, cleft lips, heart defects, limb defects, spina bifida, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, heart defects, brain defect, fetal hernia.

All of the above diseases have been eliminated from valuable livestock by the veterinary profession. They have done this by giving the animals excellent nutrition.

It is well-known that bearing a child after the age of 40 can cause problems. But teenagers have a greater percentage of children with birth defects than do women over 40, because of their general poor eating habits and lack of vitamin/mineral supplementation. Many young people today live on junk food and have damaged offspring as a result.

As an example, let us consider cystic fibrosis; it is a type of adrenal damage). It is classified as the "most common genetic defect"; yet, in reality, cystic fibrosis is a selenium and fatty acid deficiency in the fetus and/or newborn breast-fed infant. If the mother has celiac disease, this can impede her absorption of essential nutrients, especially selenium, even more.

In 1958, Dr. Kaus Schwartz reported in the NIH publication, Federal Proceedings, that selenium was an essential nutrient. The deficiency symptoms he reported all fit cystic fibrosis. But no one paid attention.

In 1972, Cornell University found that chicks hatched from selenium deficient hens developed all the classical symptoms of cystic fibrosis of the pancreas. But they too did not connect the finding to selenium.

But they also discovered that, if selenium was given to the chicks within 30 days after hatching, they were totally cured within 21 days.

In 1978, J.D. Wallach, a veterinarian researcher, identified this problem in animals and birds as being "cystic fibrosis." But, when other researchers agreed with his findings, Wallach was fired within 24 hours from his government research laboratory.

Since that date, Wallach has treated over 450 CF patients with excellent results. He has cured three-month-old infants of the disorder. Wallach later did joint research with the Chinese Government in their hospitals, and helped thousands of their people.

Yet, in America, the people are told CF is a "genetic defect" and nothing can be done, except expensive and time-consuming rehabilitation programs.

Dr. Arthur F. Coco, inventor of the pulse test, made this statement:

"I am a realist. As long as the profit is in the treatment of symptoms rather than a search for causes, that's where the medical profession will go for its harvest."

It is true that radiation is another cause of birth defects, yet only .1% of birth defects result from X rays, etc. Most pregnant women realize that they should avoid them.

What is the solution to the problem? It is to give women a good nourishing diet. But it must begin a couple years before conception!

Prevention of birth defects requires more than "prenatal" vitamins after the second month of pregnancy, when the physician gives his pronouncement, "You are pregnant." By that time, the embryo has formed all organs and tissues—for better or worse! Proper supplementation of vitamins and minerals, nourishing food, and avoidance of tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, drugs, and junk food must have had its effect on the mother's body—before conception took place!

Do a home pregnancy test as soon as you suspicion the possibility, and immediately begin eating nourishing food and taking supplements.

—A sample of such a birth defect is "Cerebral Palsy." Also see "Cystic Fibrosis."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Faith is needed in the world today, faith that will lay hold on the promises of God's Word and refuse to let go until Heaven hears.


SYMPTOMS—A form of paralysis caused by a prenatal brain defect, characterized by involuntary motions and difficulty in control of the voluntary muscles.

CAUSES—The cause of this disorder, which affects the fine motor coordination of the body, is a deficiency of zinc and B6 in the mother's diet prior to, and during, the formation of the brain of the fetus. It is possible that celiac disease (which see) was a factor in inducing this deficiency.

There is, at this time, no known treatment.

—Also see "Birth Defects."

ENCOURAGEMENT—Let the afflictions which pain us so grievously draw us closer to God. Find in Him the help that you need.


SYMPTOMS—Slow physical development, moderate to severe mental retardation, and facial features which are somewhat flattened. Ears are set low, tongue is large and furrowed, hands are broad and short—and have a single (simian) crease across the palm.

CAUSES—Also called trisomy 21, Down syndrome occurs during fetal development, but is not inherited. The problem is an extra 21st chromosome. It occurs in 1 out of 700 live births. People with Down syndrome can, with care, live to old age, but they are prone to pneumonia and other lung diseases.


• There are several new methods that have been developed for helping children with this problem. The result can be a lengthening of life and an increase of mental ability.

• Details are extensive, but here are the places to contact to learn more about this. You can obtain real help from them:

• Nutri-Chem Labs, 1303 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2B 764, Canada / 613-820-9065 or 613-829-2226. Ask about MSBPlus formula and anything else they have for Down syndrome.

• Warner House, 1023 East Chapman Avenue, Fullerton CA 92631 / 714-441-2600.

• The Registrar, Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, 8801 Stenton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118 / 800-736-4663.

ENCOURAGEMENT—Rejoice that Jesus is soon to return and all the problems of life will be past. Then all who love God and, by faith in Christ, obey His Word will be with Him forever.

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