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SYMPTOMS—Cold hands and feet, and numb tingling fingers and toes. A general sense of chilliness when others are warm.

CAUSES—Poor circulation can be caused by cardiovascular disease, low thyroid, and vitamin E deficiency.


• Improvement of a hypothyroidism condition (which see).

• Take 800-1,200 IU of vitamin E daily. Take vitamin C to bowel tolerance. Also needed: niacin, RNA, and folic acid.

• Purifying the blood stream will help in restoring proper circulation. This would include enemas or colonics, juice fasting for a day or two, followed by a nourishing diet.

• Do not eat meat; fatty, processed, or junk foods. Do not eat cheese.

• Take cool morning showers or alternating hot and cold showers for 5 minutes morning and evening. Exercise afterward and make sure you are warm. If you are not warm afterward, you did not gain.

• Exercise outdoors and practice deep breathing.

• Drink red clover, sassafras, and burdock teas in order to clean the blood.

• Other helpful herbs include ginkgo, hawthorn, lily-of-the-valley, lavender, rosemary, scotch pine, and cayenne.

—Also see "Chills."

ENCOURAGEMENT—No sooner does a child of God approach the mercy seat in the Sanctuary in heaven, where Jesus is, than he is received. Pray, earnestly pray, for the help that you so much need. God loves you and will answer your prayers in the very best way.

ANEMIA—1 (Simple Anemia, Iron Anemia)

SYMPTOMS—Easy tiring, dizziness, headache, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath or exertion, and pale skin, nails, and lips. There is a sensitivity to cold, poor appetite, and cravings for clay, ice, or starch.

CAUSES—There are several types of anemia (simple, pernicious, sickle cell, folic acid, copper, etc.) This article will deal only with simple anemia.

Millions of people are anemic. The cause is usually a reduction in the number of red blood cells, or the amount of hemoglobin, in the blood. In either case, not enough oxygen is carried throughout the body.

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia, and occurs when there is not enough iron in the body.

This can occur when the body is not absorbing enough iron from the food, during chronic blood loss, pregnancy, menstruation, hemorrhoids or ulcers, diverticular disease, liver damage, surgery, repeated pregnancies, periods of rapid growth, and aging.

Infections, hemorrhage, and nutritional deficiencies can also cause it.

Infants and young children on a milk diet, without minerals and essential fatty acids, are prone to anemia.

Red blood cells are called erythrocytes, and are tiny discs which are concave on both sides. These cells contain hemoglobin, which is bright red because of the iron in it. About 60-70% of the iron in your body is in the hemoglobin in your blood. (About 30-35% of the iron is stored in the liver.) There are more red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood than elsewhere. The percentage of RBCs in the blood is called the hematocrit. The primary function of the RBCs is to carry oxygen to the cells.

Following birth, the bone marrow of the infant, child, and adult makes the red blood cells. Aging causes RBC formation to lessen. An average RBC wears out in 120 days or less, so your body must keep making more.


• Eat at least 1 tbsp. of blackstrap molasses each day (1 tsp. for a child). This is the richest source of food iron.

• Avoid milk and other dairy products, since these decrease iron absorption from other foods.

• Avoid these oxalic acid foods which include spinach, sorrel, Swiss chard, chocolate, cocoa, and soda. Almonds, cashews, and most nuts and beans also have some. Broccoli, lettuce, and tomatoes help iron regeneration.

• Never eat rhubarb; it is extremely high in oxalic acid.

• Avoid spicy foods, tea, or coffee. They decrease absorption. Do not smoke, and avoid second-hand smoke.

• Bran tends to link with iron and carry it out in the stool. (However, you may need bran to prevent other physical problems far worse than a mild case of simple anemia.) Whole wheat flour and oatmeal are effective in increasing hemoglobin regeneration.

• Orange juice increases iron absorption.

• There should be sufficient stomach acid to absorb the minerals. If there is not, take some lemon juice.

• Yeast and wheat germ are high in iron. Similar foods include beets, beet greens, cabbage, whole grains, celery, parsley, cherries, dates, figs, and pears.

• Do not take calcium, vitamin E, or zinc at the same time as iron supplements. They interfere with each other's absorption.

• Use a diet high in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, which are high in vitamin C (which is necessary for iron absorption).

• Omitting sugar increases iron absorption.

• Bananas are moderately helpful in increasing iron absorption.

• Many medicinal drugs destroy vitamin E and cause anemia. Some insecticides destroy bone marrow, so new blood cells cannot be made.

• Do not use food additives or artificial sweeteners.

• It is said that cooking food in iron pots increases the iron content of the food.

• Water from deep wells has more iron than city water.

• Exercise stimulates the production of blood.

• Short, cold baths increase blood production and circulation.

• A cold mitten friction is a useful way to increase metabolism and blood production.

• Have a complete blood test taken, so you will be certain whether or not you have iron anemia. Too much iron can damage the heart, liver, pancreas, and immune cells' activity. It has also been linked to cancer. If you do not need them, avoid iron supplements.

• Ferrous sulfate and other iron compounds are often given to reduce anemia, but they definitely have toxic effects which you should be aware of:

They destroy carotene and vitamins A, C, and E. They increase the need of the body for oxygen and damage unsaturated fatty acids. They also damage the liver, especially when the person has a poor appetite and is not eating very much.

• Iron salts taken during pregnancy are especially dangerous! They can increase the fetus' need for oxygen, induce miscarriage or premature and postmature births. Some infants have malformations or mental deficiencies because their mothers took iron supplements before birth.

• Normal people do not need iron supplementation, for there is lots of iron in most real (real) food. The iron in unrefined food is never toxic. All iron supplements cause stomach or intestinal irritation.

• Those who are anemic tend to have sore mouths or tongues, generally have poor blood circulation, and are cold. They need special care in regard to these matters.

—Also see "Anemia—2," "Chlorosis," and "Pernicious Anemia."

ENCOURAGEMENT—We are to have a spirit of pity and compassion toward those who have trespassed against us. Pray for them, that they may come to Jesus. Unselfish ministry is the hallmark of the genuine Christian.

ANEMIA—2 (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)

  INCREASE BLOOD-MAKING PROCESS—Graduated cold applications. The Radiant Heat Bath is especially valuable as a means of heating before giving the general cold applications; aseptic dietary, a nourishing diet; rest in bed, if he is emaciated; out-of-door life; cold-air baths; sunbaths; sea bathing; massage; oxygen inhalation.

GENERAL METHOD—Cold water is the most valuable of all measures in treating anemia. Apply twice daily, graduating carefully. Autointoxication, arising from dilation or prolapse of the stomach or chronic constipation, is often an important factor.

—Also see "Anemia—1."

CHLOROSIS (Green Sickness, type of anemia) (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)

Chlorosis is a form of anemia in adolescent girls, generally due to faulty diet during puberty. It is also called "green sickness."

CORRECT ENTEROPTOSIS—Abdominal supporter; abdominal massage; corrective exercises; Cold Douche to abdomen.

INCREASE VITAL RESISTANCE—General graduated cold procedures (Tonic Frictions) twice daily.

COMBAT AUTOINTOXICATION—Aseptic diet; sweating bath (Hot Full Bath) to begin perspiration, Radiant Heat Bath or sunbath, followed by short cold application.

VASOMOTOR SPASM—General Revulsive Douche; Alternate Full Bath at 1050-1100F., 30 seconds, and then into one at 800-900 F., for 15 seconds; simultaneous Revulsive Douche.

VISCERAL ANEMIAS—Douches to visceral (trunk) areas; Alternate Douche or Revulsive Douche, with short percussion for either; Alternate Compress over the afflicted part, followed by a well-protected Heating Compress; protected (plastic covered) Hot Abdominal Pack at night; Cool Enema at 750-680 F., 1-3 pints, daily.

—Also see "Anemia—1."



  SYMPTOMS—Weakness, slight yellowing of the skin, tingling of the extremities, and gastrointestinal disturbances causing a sore tongue. There can be partial loss of coordination of the fingers, feet, and legs. Some nerve deterioration may occur. Diarrhea and loss of appetite may also be present.

CAUSES—Pernicious anemia is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B12. This is a severe form of anemia in which the bone marrow fails to produce mature red blood cells.

The stomach has to be able to produce what is known as "intrinsic factor," in order for vitamin B12 to be absorbed by the intestines.

Pernicious anemia rarely occurs under the age of 30, but it becomes more common with age.

Without treatment, pernicious anemia may be fatal.


• Take 50-100 mcg injections of vitamin B12.

• Eat a highly nutritious diet, rich in protein, calcium, vitamins C, E, and iron.

• Take supplements of the entire B complex, to aid in B12 absorption.

• (Important exception: Folic acid should not be taken in amounts greater than 0.1 mg daily.) Folic acid has the effect of concealing the symptoms of pernicious anemia, permitting the unseen destruction of the nervous system to continue until irreparable damage has occurred.

• There should be sufficient stomach acid to absorb the minerals. If there is not, take some lemon juice.

—Also see "Anemia—1."

ENCOURAGEMENT—A lamp, however small, if kept steadily burning, may be the means of lighting many other lamps. Our sphere of influence may seem narrow, our ability small, our opportunities few, yet God can work through us to help many others.


SYMPTOMS—Bleeding from a surface wound.

CAUSES—When a blood vessel is cut, bleeding (external bleeding) or hemorrhage (bleeding from internally) begins. If an artery is cut, the blood spurts and flows fast, and is usually bright red. If a vein is cut, the blood is darker and flows more constantly and slowly.


• When external cuts are bleeding, cover the cut with powdered cayenne, and it will stop the bleeding immediately. When an artery or vein is severed, apply powdered cayenne immediately. Then apply direct pressure, seek a physician, or go to a hospital.

—Also see "Wounds."

ENCOURAGEMENT—True happiness does not consist in the possession of wealth or position, but in the possession of a pure, clean heart, cleansed by obedience to the Word of God. How thankful we can be that God can enable us to obey His laws and resist temptation to sin.


SYMPTOMS AND CAUSES—Bleeding in the stool, which indicates stomach ulcers (black blood stool), ulcerative colitis (bloody mucus in stool), colon cancer (bloody mucus in the stool), and hemorrhoids (bright red blood).

Coughing blood indicates lung cancer and tuberculosis.

—Also see "Peptic Ulcers," "Colitis," "Cancer," "Hemorrhoids," "Tuberculosis," "Nosebleed," and "Menstrual Disorders," etc.

ENCOURAGEMENT—The consciousness that you are doing those things which God can approve will make you strong in His strength; and, by copying Christ the great Pattern, you may be able to be the blessing He intends for you to be in this world.


 SYMPTOMS—When a wound occurs, blood does not clot normally.

Early warning signs of internal bleeding include a bubbling or tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth, tightness, or stiffness in the hemorrhaging area.

Headache, confusion, drowsiness, or a blow to the head may indicate bleeding in the head.

If your hemophiliac child cries for no apparent reason, refuses to walk, use his arm or leg, or seems to have a swelling or unusual bruising, go to an emergency room.

CAUSES—Hemophilia is hereditary. It primarily affects males and is passed down through females (who are carriers). Children of carriers have a 50% chance of inheriting the defective gene. If they inherit it, the boys will be hemophiliacs, and the girls will be carriers. The sons of hemophiliacs will not give the problem to their sons, but the daughters will always be carriers.

As many as two-thirds of all hemophiliacs, in America, have HIV. They contracted it from contaminated blood transfusion sources. About 450 babies are born with hemophilia each year.

The blood of hemophiliacs does not clot properly, but minor bleeding is not serious. It is internal bleeding that can be fatal, if not treated.

Bleeding frequently occurs in the knees, which causes painful swelling. Repeated swelling destroys the knee cartilage and results in a permanently stiff knee (called hemophiliac arthritis). Other joints can also be affected. Other body parts, including the brain, can also be affected by internal bleeding.


• Eat a diet high in vitamin K. Foods rich in K and other essential clotting factors include alfalfa, broccoli, egg yolks, kale, and all green leafy vegetables. Green drinks are also good for K and other essential clotting.

• The hemophiliac is given blood transfusions periodically to provide the missing blood factors.

ENCOURAGEMENT—To go forward without stumbling, we must have the assurance that a hand all-powerful will hold us up and an infinite pity be exercised toward us if we fall. God alone can, at all times, hear our cry for help.


  SYMPTOMS—Swelling, severe localized pain, discoloration, red streaks from the wound up the veins toward the heart, and sores that do not heal.

CAUSES—Whenever a sore, cut, or abrasion becomes red and infected, it could produce blood poisoning.


• Apply two hot fomentations and then one cold towel over the affected area. Continue this alternate application until the red lines disappear.

• Apply a poultice of lemons or charcoal. Or crush one or more of the herbs listed later in this article.

• Take a high enema.

• Drink as many cups of echinacea tea a day as possible.

• Keep the temperature evenly warm, have enough air, and give a little cayenne in water when he feels chilly.

• Drink charcoal water.

• Wash wound thoroughly with boric solution. If discharge from the wound is thin, apply powdered 50-50 myrrh and goldenseal directly to the wound.

• Go on a cleansing program of juice fasting for a time, followed by rebuilding on a good, nourishing diet.

• Drink tea of chickweed, plantain, goldenseal, and myrrh.

ENCOURAGEMENT—It is a solemn thought that the removal of one safeguard from the conscience, the failure to fulfill one duty, the formation of one wrong habit, may result not only in our own ruin, but in the ruin of another.

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