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Skin Spots

MOLES (and unknown spots)

CAUSE—Most moles are harmless. But those that are flat, or nearly flat, are larger than the top of a pencil eraser or have a mottled color should be checked. If an existing mole turns blue, white, or red and begins to bleed or develops a crust—have it checked. It may be skin cancer.


• To remove a suspected skin cancer (before it has continued long enough to go into the system), fasten a thin slice of garlic to it in the evening and leave on overnight. Do this for 2-4 nights. The spot will slough off; and, as it heals new, fresh flesh will take its place.

—For more on this see "Skin Cancer."

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SYMPTOMS—Blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, inflamed and infected nodules, sacs, and cysts. They occur where the sebaceous (oil) glands are most numerous: face, neck, chest, and back. Permanently expanded pores, as well as scarring, can result.

CAUSES—A sebaceous gland is located in every hair follicle, and produces oil which lubricates the skin. Some of the oil becomes clogged, bacteria multiply, and inflammation results. This occurs during adolescence (between 12 and 24), when androgens (male hormones) are released in increased amounts in both boys and girls. A few have acne all their lives.

Other causes include junk foods, oral contraceptives, allergies, stress, and heredity.

The problem is intensified when sebum, combined with skin pigments, plugs the pores—and produces blackheads. If scales below the surface fill with sebum, whiteheads are formed.

Canadian Eskimos, prior to 1950, never had acne. When "modern foods" were brought in, acne became common.


• Cleanliness is important. Keep the skin washed and clean. Keep the infected area free of all oils. Wash or pat the face with lemon juice 3 times a day. Shampoo the hair frequently. Eat a good, balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep at night. Drop all saturated fats from the diet, along with junk food, fried food, refined food, dairy foods, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.

• Certain dietary deficiencies have been linked to acne. This includes vitamin B6, zinc, and essential fatty acids.

• Increase raw vegetable intake. Eat plenty of non-citrus fruits, raw vegetable juice, cooked vegetables, salads, whole grains, and a few seeds and nuts. Include some seaweed (for iodine) and pumpkin seed (for zinc).

• Go on a short vegetable juice fast of 1-3 days, along with enemas. It would be well to do this every 2 to 4 weeks, until the skin is perfectly clear.

• Beware of all oily foods which have saturated fats. This would include peanut butter, cheese, milk, and cream. A small amount of unsaturated vegetable oil would be acceptable.

• Herbs which could be applied to the skin would include dandelion root, echinacea, alfalfa, chaparral, and red clover.

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SYMPTOMS—Blackheads are small, tallow-like plugs formed in the pores by the accumulation of dirt, oil, and bacteria. They are black, at the exposed end, because of oxidation rather than the presence of germs. They generally cause no itching or pain, but are unsightly.

CAUSES—The duct of an oil gland becomes plugged with partly dried oil mixed with, more or less, dust or dirt. Most cases occur between 12 and 30 years of age.

Problems with digestion, constipation, or underactive thyroid and anemia seem to be contributing factors.

Although germs do not cause them, blackheads can easily become infected.


• Squeeze out the visible blackhead very gently, with a blackhead remover (available in a drugstore). Never use fingers to do it. Then wash with mild soap and water.

• Sunlight kills the surface bacteria, and thus clears the condition temporarily. But sunlight can also stimulate the oil glands, possibly making the condition worse later.

• Do not overeat. Avoid fat, greasy, or fried foods, ice cream, cream, butter, margarine, chocolate, pastry, sweets, or much starchy food.

• Eat a nourishing diet of vegetables, but avoid corn. Eat protein foods in moderation. Supplement the diet with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A is important.

• Avoid alcohol, tobacco, coffee, or cocoa.

• Obtain adequate rest at night and keep the bowels open.

• Exercise out-of-doors, but avoid exercise which causes perspiration.

• Put no creams, oils, or ointments on the face. Keep hands away from the face.

• Wash the hair twice a week.

ENCOURAGEMENT—We can have access to God and be accepted by Him, through Christ our Lord. Jesus can strengthen us to obey commands given in the Bible. In Christ, we can overcome our sins.

AGE SPOTS (Liver Spots)

SYMPTOMS—Age spots (also called liver spots) are the flat brown spots which appear on the skin. They are especially noticeable on the back of the hands.

CAUSES—Liver spots are different than freckles. Freckles are caused by melanin pigments which react to the sunlight in fair-skinned people. Liver spots are the result of a "ceroid" pigment build up in the skin of older people.

These latter spots are the outward signs of free radical destruction within the body. There is pre-oxidation of fats—in the cells instead of in the liver. Free radical damage produces waste materials in cells throughout the body, including the brain and liver. The causes are poor diet, eating rancid fats, lack of exercise, excess exposure to the sun, autointoxication, and sluggish liver function.


• Eat high quality food, purify the blood, nourish the glands, and keep the bowels open. Exercise
the body and the mind. Keep the immune system in good shape. Take nutritional supplements.

• A powerful helper is the use of vitamin E (800-1,200 units per day), which tends to destroy free radicals. Also take vitamin A as beta carotene. Obtain all your fats as unsaturated fatty acids.

• Eat quality protein foods and stay away from old seeds and nuts. The oils in them may be rancid. Do not use meat or milk. Do not eat meat.

• Drink enough water, and make sure it is either pure or distilled. Practice deep breathing. Learn how to relax.

• Avoid all alcohol, coffee, salt, tobacco, white flour, and white sugar. Avoid all chemicals, drugs, etc., in foods. Do not overeat. Center your diet around broccoli, cabbage, fruits, whole gains, nuts, oats, seeds, and soybeans. A high fiber diet is important.

• Go on a brief fast, to cleanse the liver.

• Avoid too much exposure to the sun.

• Do not use commercial skin creams. Use olive oil and a warm wet washcloth, then rinse with lemon juice and water.

ENCOURAGEMENT—The gifts of Him, who has all power in heaven and earth, are in store for the children of God. These gifts are precious, for they come to us through the costly sacrifice of the Redeemer's blood. In Christ we can be overcomers.

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