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Preface 2:


From the author to the reader


This introductory chapter will provide you with a quick overview of several areas of scientific facts which obliterate evolutionary theory. If you will read this first chapter several times and begin telling others what you have learned, enough of these basic facts will be fixed in your mind that you will be prepared to intelligently explain to others why evolution is an unbelievable immense hoax. Most people—including schoolteachers and even college professors do not know these scientific facts.


From its very beginning, the spread of evolution has been based and spread through misinformation, error, and outright fraud. It is a theory without a basis in scientific fact, upon which has been erected a great mass of erroneous dates, conjectures, and assumptions.

A wealthy man in England, Charles Darwin, who had almost no training in the biological or physical sciences, spent his life measuring things with wooden rulers, talking to farmers about crops and pigeons, worrying about his ailments, and trying to devise a theory that might explain some way in which everything could come from nothing. He was sure that he was right because, on a South Seas island, he saw several different sub-species of the same sparrow. Surely, if a plant or animal could produce variants,—it must be able to jump across the species barrier and make something entirely different! But of that possibility, he never found any evidence. Neither did any of his followers in the years that followed.

Darwin’s quaint little theory, published in Origin of the Species in 1859, contained his reasons for his thinking. The book was so worthless that later evolutionists are ashamed of it.

Darwin’s idea was that "natural selection" must have changed one species into another. Evolutionists explain that by this is meant totally random changes which, according to the theory, always improve the creature—and produce wonderful new species.

However genuine scientists know that "random changes" could never do that. They also know that a given species can only produce sub-species (breeds of dogs or horses, varieties of roses, or sweet peas); it could never produce change resulting in a different species (dogs to cats, roses to oak trees, etc.).

Modifications within species are called microevolution; but, of course, that is not evolution at all. It is just change, back and forth, within a certain species. We all agree that there can be changes within species (bigger dogs and smaller dogs, larger or smaller bird bills). But changes from one species into another (fish to birds, or cows to horses) never occurs. This type of change—called macroevolution—is true evolution. Yet there is no evidence in our world today that it is occurring, and there is no evidence in the fossils and rock strata that it has occurred in the past.

Although "natural selection" is called "Darwinism," evolutionists do not want you to know that, later in life, Darwin repudiated natural selection! He said random changes could not produce new species. (Darwin never dared to publish a theory on the actual origin of the species—how life originated from sand and seawater. Like modern evolutionists, he had no idea how it could have occurred.)

But in the decades which have passed since Charles Darwin, an astounding array of new scientific discoveries have nailed the coffin lid over evolution.

At the time when Darwin lived, no one knew anything about what was in animal and plant cells—nothing! Nothing was known about genetics, DNA, microbiology, and a host of other discoveries within living cells—all of which disprove evolutionary theory.

However, the evolutionists did not lack weapons in the defense of their beloved theory. They have repeatedly used three things to suppress scientific facts pointing to Creation, from being taught in the schools and universities: fraud, ridicule, and academic and employment threats.

Ernst Haeckel, in Germany, produced fraudulent pictures of embryos in 1868, to bring evolution to the attention of European scientists. Faked etchings on stone of a half-bird were also used to win doubters to the cause.

Darwin’s theory captured British science at a meeting in London in 1860 when his friend, Thomas Huxley, ridiculed a scientist—and all the atheists in the audience hooted and shouted, and started a small riot. As a result, after that, creationists in Britain feared to assert themselves, and evolutionary theory took over British science.

Something similar happened in America at the 1925 "Monkey trial" in Dayton, Tennessee, when Clarence Darrow ridiculed William Jennings Bryan,—while the press spread the word throughout the world that the State of Tennessee was ignorant and backward because it opposed the teaching of evolution in the schools. As a result, all across America, legislators feared to oppose the evolutionists.

After decades of attempts by scientists to prove that random changes ("natural selection") could produce macroevolution (change from one distinct species into another), many scientists abandoned it and switched over to mutations as the cause of evolutionary change.

Discovering that certain chemicals—and especially radiation—could cause abundant mutations, thus speeding up "the process of evolution," they were certain that soon they would prove their theory and wonderful new, robust species would be produced. But, instead, they discovered two unfortunate facts: (1) Mutations are always harmful and frequently lethal; and (2) mutations never, never change one species into another. All that was produced was weakened creatures which generally died soon after or, if they lived, did not produce offspring. Obviously, if mutations could cause outstanding new species, Hiroshima in 1945 would have produced millions of them. But all that resulted was people who died or were greatly injured.

The next theory, adopted in desperation in the early 1980s by many evolutionists, was that, every 50,000 years or so, millions of beneficial mutations occur in a single newborn creature—producing a totally new species. Conveniently, another creature, born nearby, also has those same millions of identically changed mutations! They mate and produce a new species. This fairy tale, known as "punctuated equilibrium," is the current theory.

But the evolutionists do not want you to know these devastating facts about evolution! They tell you over and over again that "evolution has been proven!" But this is an untruthful statement, and the evolutionists know it.

The book you now have in hand disproves each of the BASIC foundations upon which evolutionary theory is built.

In public, evolutionists always assume that the foundations of their theory are proven—because they fear to discuss them openly. They are well-aware that their theory has no foundation!

Then they go ahead and pile on top of it layer after layer of speculations, names, and dates.

For example, they tell you that the universe is so many billions of years old, and that the stars are so many millions of years old. But they do not discuss the fact that gas in outer space cannot possibly form itself into stars! Or that something moving in a straight line cannot by itself change directions or begin circling. Those are some of the many basic facts about astrophysics which you are not told.

They hide the fact that, with the exception of a couple documented solar eclipses a few hundred years before the time of Christ, they have no accurate way to date any ancient event.

They do not tell you that over a hundred years of research has failed to prove any means by which a so-called "primitive environment" on Earth could produce living creatures from sand and water.

The chapter in this book on DNA and Protein alone—totally blows away evolution! The millions of codes in DNA or in protein could not possibly evolve randomly—even if trillions and trillions and trillions of years were given to the task.

Then there is the cell. Every living creature—whether plant or animal—is composed of tiny boxes, called "cells." The new advanced field of microbiology, which did not exist before 1950, has made astounding discoveries about the utter complexity of the different things in those cells and the amazing things they do! Evolution could never produce this!

In addition, there is no evidence that macroevolution (change from one species to another) is happening now. But is there any evidence that it has occurred in the distant past?

The only evidence would be fossils. However, over 150 years of fossil collecting only reveals distinct species,—and no evidence of one changing into another. There are only distinct (different) species. There are no half-species (with the exception of one, Archaeopteryx, which has been shown to be a fraud). Indeed, if evolutionary theory was true, there would be no definite species at all—only a chaotic confusion of creatures!

As part of the fairy tale, evolutionists tell us that "vast amounts of time" might somehow produce the needed changes. Yet not only is there is no reliable way to date anything in the past (neither radioactive substances nor rock strata can do it), but an abundance of time could not do it anyway! An hour or a century in the past could not accomplish any more than an hour or a century today. It is not in the power of time to produce changes.

Then there is the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which applies to everything about us, and teaches that everything is running down and wearing out. Yet evolution teaches the opposite: that everything is improving, becoming more complex, and inventing wonderful new things.

Historians tell us that evolutionary theory, based on the theory that violence and selfishness is the basis of change and improvement, has greatly worsened human morals and produced wars.

In reviewing the desolation which evolutionary theory has produced over the past 150 years, thoughtful scientists declare that the theory has greatly hindered the advance of scientific endeavor.

Not only does this theory, based on a falsehood, lead to many erroneous conclusions; but an immense amount of research money has been diverted into attempts to find scientific evidence supporting the foolish notion.


Chapter 1 will briefly survey the desperate efforts of evolutionists, for over 150 years, to defend a foolish, unworkable theory which runs counter to all basic scientific evidence.

Chapter 2 will incisively destroy the astrophysical basis of the theory,—and show that, based on all the evidence available, stars could only come into existence fully formed.

Chapters 3 through 7 will undercut the theoretical concept that our world was formed over billions of years from gas of primal elements,—and show that our planet could only come into existence fully formed.

Chapters 8 through 12 eliminate the possibility that life forms could evolve into existence,—and show that, based on the evidence, plants and animals could only come into existence fully formed.

Chapter 13 eradicates the concept that people evolved from lower forms of life,—and shows that all the available evidence reveals that men and women came into existence fully formed—normal human beings.

Chapters 14 through 24 deal with other intriguing aspects of the evolution controversy.

Chapter 25 will provide you with the latest developments in the ongoing creation-evolution battle, up to early 2006.

Additional quotations from recognized scientists have been included in this enlarged edition.

Dedicated — To the memory of George McCready Price, the most powerful anti-evolution writer of the first half of the 20th century, and to Henry M. Morris, the most influential creationist of the last half.