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Why did we go to all the work to prepare this encyclopedia? We did it so this scientific information could be circulated as widely as possible throughout the world on the INTERNET—so it could be read, freely copied, and shared with still others. The facts need to be known. Evolutionary theory is a myth. God created everything; the evidence clearly points to it. This is science vs. evolution—a Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia, brought to you by Creation Science Facts.

CONTENTS: The Origin of Matter

Facts You Should Know: Evolution injures people, their morals, and their minds.
What Brought This Book Into Existence: The incident that prompted the writer to begin work on it.


First, evolution makes atheists out of people and lowers morality. Charles Darwin, in a famous statement, admitted the fact. He said that, since people were descended from apes, then mankind is totally untrustworthy and morally bankrupt. Evolution teaches that savage competition and warfare is the highest good and best source of development.

Second, evolution is riddled with fallacious thinking. As you will quickly see in this series, evolution ignores the most obvious facts and twists and misapplies evidence to fit its objective. Correct logical reasoning is based upon correct premises; if the premises are wrong, the conclusions built upon them will be skewed and unreliable. In the schools of today, evolutionists teach men to ignore and misapply facts.

Third, evolution is false science—and most people, not having been trained to work with scientific tools, feel unable to successfully reply to "science." Please, do not let the subject buffalo you! The problem is not science, but evolutionary interpretations. Although you may not have been educated in scientific research methods, you can understand the basic facts; and that is what counts. All that it takes is common sense. In these books, you will read the facts and find that they disprove evolution.

It has been said that every fact of science can be explained either by creation or evolution. Actually, that is not correct. Most scientific facts can be explained better by creation than by evolution. Indeed, most facts cannot be adequately explained by evolution at all!

Fourth, evolution floods the media and the schools with its message. It seems impossible to withstand or oppose the deluge. Yet there is a way: Let the people know the basic facts, so they can learn the truth for themselves. The facts disproving evolution are not complicated. They appeal to thinking minds far better than evolutionary myths.

Fifth, it is made to appear as if all the scientists are on the side of evolutionary theory. Yet that is untrue. Many reputable scientists clearly recognize its falsity (although there are also many who fear to speak up, lest they lose their jobs). In this series, we provide you with thousands of statements by scientists who do not believe in evolutionary theory.


In the summer of 1989, the author learned that the California State Department of Education had recently notified the private, non-tax-funded Graduate School of ICR that it would have to close its doors if it did not teach evolutionary origins and processes in its science classes.

Since the early 1970s, the Institute for Creation Research has been the largest group working to educate the public in regard to the evidence disproving evolution. An attempt to close their college because it will not teach that which it knows to be error—and has satisfactorily been proven to be error—is ridiculous, yet this is what the situation has come to in our nation. We have reached a point in America where evolutionary theorists control the science organizations and are seeking to take over every school in the land.

The ruling, seeking to force the closure of the ICR Graduate School in southern California, crystallized in the present writer a conviction that an in-depth book, or set of books, was needed to help awaken the thinking public to what scientific facts really have to say about creation science and evolutionary theory. These books are the result.

Each volume in this set deals with a special topic area; and, together, all the books cover a far greater scope and include more quotations than any other single book or set of books ever produced. It is our sincere concern that this information will enlighten many minds to the truth of the situation. Evolutionary teaching is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated.

The author wishes to thank Dr. Henry Morris, director of the Institute for Creation Research, for his encouragement to produce these studies. Grateful appreciation is also extended to the William Jennings Bryan College, in Dayton, Tennessee, for opening their library archives of creation-evolution materials. As some of you may know, Bryan College was founded as a result of the 1925 Scopes trial in that city.

Fortunately, part of the immense amount of information in this completed set of books will henceforth be available on the internet, for thinking men and women all over the world to investigate for themselves.

If you wish to obtain copies of the complete series in print, click on BOOKSTORE, below.

— Vance Ferrell