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Evolutionary theory has infiltrated so heavily that many do not realize how fully—or what it really is. Not only is the public in danger, but the churches are also.

This is science vs. evolution—a Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia, brought to you by Creation Science Facts.

CONTENTS: Evolution and Society: 2

Evolution and Christianity: Evolutionary theory is even invading many Christian denominations
Evolution and Crime
: Evolution teaches that there is no right or wrong, and we are all animals trying to survive by trampling others down
Basic Principles of Creationism
: Some are not clear as what it is; here are the fundamentals

Page numbers without book references refer to the book, EVOLUTION AND SOCIETY, from which these facts are summarized. An asterisk ( * ) by a name indicates that person is not known to be a creationist. Of over 4,000 quotations in the set of books this Encyclopedia is based on, only 164 statements are by creationists.


It is an unfortunate fact that the great majority of mainline Christian religions have either partially or almost totally accepted evolutionary theory or treat the entire matter as a subject for little concern.

There are, today, very few denominations which officially adhere to a six-day Creation and a worldwide Flood, as presented in the oldest history book in the world: the Book of Genesis.—p. 35.

Higher criticism. Atheistic Bible teachers in Germany developed "higher criticism." Their objective was to produce theories about the Bible which would agree with Darwinism. As far as they were concerned, the Bible was just a gradual development of uninspired writings by a bunch of confused people.

In the decades since then, these ideas have taken hold of many seminaries and universities throughout the world. Many conscientious men have been changed into skeptics because they attended such institutions.—p. 35.

Neo-Orthodoxy. Frequently, pastors have been tempted to admire and study the writings of "ministers' theologians"—men who write in such a deep style that few can figure out their meaning. But this only adds to the aura of mystery surrounding their statements. Such men are frequently liberals who have little respect for the Bible. Evolutionary concepts are frequently interwoven into their sentiments.—pp. 35-36.

Evolution and Christianity are opposites. Many believe that evolution and Christianity can be merged. It is thought that, by compromise on the part of Christians, everyone will be in harmony and the world will prosper.

But there can be no reconciliation between the two. One view stands for fighting, warfare against the supposed weaker ones, and atheism; the other is for peace, self-sacrifice for the good of others, and belief and trust in the Creator God.

There can be no comparison between the teachings of Jesus Christ and those of *Friedrich Nietzsche!

Even evolutionists and atheists have declared that their creeds are totally different than those of Christianity.

Philosophers, historians, and scientists agree that the two sides have nothing in common.—p. 36.

Theistic evolution. This is taught by many modern religionists in seminaries, Bible colleges, and churches. It is the teaching that the errors of evolutionary geology must be true; and therefore humans were living, sinning, and dying millions of years ago. There was no six-day creation and no worldwide Flood or they came after millions of years of living, evolving, killing, and dying.—pp. 38-39.

Evolution and the churches. In spite of clear-cut statements by evolutionists that "evolution IS atheism," many denominations today accept one form or another of evolutionary theory.—pp. 39-41.

On which side do you take your stand? At the famous Darwinian Centennial Celebration, held in 1959 at the University of Chicago, *Julian Huxley declared that evolutionary theory outlawed God from the universe. He said we no longer needed God, and that He did not exist. This is the teaching of evolutionists.

Liberal theologians and Christian believers who want to be "modern" embrace evolution, because they do not want to appear different than the world.

But God's faithful ones are not of the world. They are on a different path.—p. 41.


According to evolutionary theory, there is no right or wrong. There is no divinity and no devil. There is only evolution. Each creature does anything he likes—and, as he does it, he is improved and evolves upward. Everything is chance action; and, in the randomness of it all, we can forget "right" and "wrong." Everything a creature does improves his lot—that is, if he is selfish enough.

Evolutionary theory teaches utter selfishness: A man's actions only help himself, if he cares first for himself and is quicker to step on others than they are to step on him. Only then can his upward evolution be more complete than the people around him, which he crushed as he ascended higher.

The increase in crime since Darwin's time has been profound. Murder, lawlessness, robbery, and every other evil activity are acceptable standards, according to evolutionary theory.—pp. 41-42.


The underlying principles of creationism are these:

1: The Creator God, a personal, all-powerful, loving God, created this world and everything in it during a literal six-day Creation Week.

2: Creation Week occurred only a few thousand years ago.

3: The Genesis Flood occurred approximately 4,300 years ago.

The basic compromising error of evolutionary theorists is to push back the date of this world's origin to millions or billions of years in the past, and then have life "evolve" through amoebas, tadpoles, and on up to monkeys and man.

Yet such a theory is in total violation of both scientific facts and Christian teachings.—pp. 42-43.

Evidences of the Flood and Creation. All about us in the world and in the sedimentary strata are evidences of the Flood and the fact that there are no intermediate species. No trans-species changes have ever occurred or are occurring now.

This is solid evidence. It points to a worldwide Flood and to a divine Creation.

But there are also powerful evidences of the fact that Creation occurred over a period of six days!—p. 43.

Evidences of Creation Week. Here are some of these evidences:

1: The oldest history book in the world, the Bible, tells us that Creation took only six literal days, from start to finish (Genesis 1 and 2).

2: In that history book, the Bible, the word, "day," meant a 24-hour time period; it did not mean "long ages." There is no reason to assume that it did.

3: The first week—Creation Week—had seven days in it. Because of that fact, since then, all the nations of earth have had a seven-day week! This is both true and extraordinary. That fact clearly points to Creation Week as an actual occurrence at the beginning.

4: The languages of mankind attest to this fact! In 1886, William Mead Jones published a large Chart of the Week. On it will be found the names of the week and the names of each of the seven days of the week—in 160 languages, past and present!

On that chart, the seventh day of the week is almost always called a variation of the word, "Sabbath." The knowledge of the seventh-day Sabbath in the languages of mankind, down through history, is a powerful evidence that our world was created in six days, followed by a seventh day on which God and man were to rest from labor.

5: The weekly cycle has never been changed. Therefore, it points back through long centuries to the first week. Because the weekly cycle has never changed, we can know which day is the second day, the fourth day, or the seventh day—going all the way back.

6: The length of the week on the calendar has never been changed, even though the length of the month and year has. We have the same weekly cycle that existed way back in the beginning of time.

7: The weekly cycle has no other origin than God Himself. He made it when He made the world. The month is keyed to lunar cycles and the year to solar cycles, but the week was divinely given us several thousand years ago. The seven-day cycle is totally unique and universal. It is found everywhere in the world.—pp. 43-47.

"Not only is a six-literal-day creation taught in Genesis [chapters 1 and 2], but also in Exodus in the Ten Commandments [chapter 20].

"The Fourth Commandment says: `Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God . . For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day . . and hallowed it' " (Exodus 20:8-11).

"It is quite clear that the six working days of God are identical in duration with the six days of man's work week. The basis for this very precise commandment is trivial and vacuous otherwise."—Henry Morris, Scientific Creationism, p. 225.

Here is a sampling of the seventh day of the week in nearly 40 languages of mankind:

Hebrew—shabbath / Greek—sabbaton / Latin—Sabbatum / Arabic—Assabt / Persian—Shambin / Russian—Subbota / Hindustani—Shamba / French—Samedi / Italian—Sabaato / Spanish—Sabado / Old Egyptian—Seb / Towarek—A-hal es-sebt / Assyrian—Sa-ba-ta / Ancient Syriac—Shab-ba-tho / Pashito—Shamba / Ancient Persian—Sabati / Kurdish—Shamba / Turkish—Yom-es-sabt / Lazen—Asabatun / Beluchistani—Shambe / Chinese—Sai-bi-tai / Georgian—Shabatt / Malayan—Harl sabtu / Japanese—Saptoe / Borneo—Sabta / Swahili—As-sabt / Mandingo—Sibiti / Teda—Essebdu / Kanuri—Sibda / Fulfuide—Assebdu / Logone—Se-sibde / Wandala—Sibda / Bagrima—Sibbedi / Maba—Sab / Norman French—Sabbedi / Ancient French—Samedi / Roman eccesiastical—Sabbatum.

Is it not astounding that the word, "Sabbath" (which means "rest") is even found in Chinese and Japanese? Their cultures separated from the Near East, several thousand years ago.—p. 44.

Why Western culture surged ahead. There is a reason why the Western nations are more advanced than the rest of the world. They have been bequeathed the standards and principles of Christianity. It was by following Christian principles and rejecting pagan ones, that the West surged forward.—pp. 47-48.

Summary. Evolutionary theory teaches utter selfishness: A man only helps himself, if he is quicker to step on others than they are to step on him. Only then can his upward evolution be more complete than the people around him—which he crushed as he climbed higher.

The increase in crime since Darwin's time has been immense. According to evolutionary standards, murder, lawlessness, robbery, and every immorality are normal.

In marked contrast, creationism teaches that the Creator God, who is a kind, loving God, created this world and everything in it in six days. Creation Week occurred only a few thousand years ago. The Genesis Flood occurred less than 4,000 years ago.

The basic compromising error of evolutionary theorists is to push back the date of this world's origin to millions or billions of years in the past, and then have life "evolve" through amoebas, tadpoles, and on up to monkeys and man. Yet such a theory is in total violation of scientific facts.


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