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Evolutionists maintain that only natural selection and/or mutations can produce new species of plants and animals. This is important because evolution cannot occur without the production of new species. —But how is it supposed to happen? "Natural selection" or "mutations," they say. In the previous major section (Natural Selection), we found that so-called "natural selection" cannot produce trans-species changes. In this section, we will learn that mutations cannot do it either. This is science vs. evolution—a Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia, brought to you by Creation Science Facts.

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Introducing Neo-Darwinists: The evolutionists who pin all their hopes on mutations
Four Important Facts about Mutations
: Four qualities which destroy their usefulness
Flaws in the Mutation Theory: 23 facts which make the situation even worse


The One "Beneficial" Mutation: One mutation which is touted as helpful, but which is actually as deadly as the rest
Mutation Research: It is the in-depth mutation research, carried on for most of this century, which has settled the matter
Mammoth Mutation Theory
: As all the other theories shatter, in desperation a really wayout theory is grasped
: Mutations cannot possibly produce evolutionary change

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