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This is the story of men who play god with the universe. Here is the astounding story behind these weird astronomical theories, which are now taught as fact in newspapers and popular magazines. One got his ideas from Spiritualists. Another (*Charles Darwin's son) theorized that the moon floated out of the Pacific on a high tide. The list of foolishness goes on and on. There never was a Big Bang, and stars and planets cannot evolve from gas. Evolutionary theory is a myth. This is science vs. evolution—a Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia, brought to you by Creation Science Facts.


1 - The Cartesian Hypothesis - *Rene Descartes' speculation about "vortices" of swirling gas
2 - Swedenborg's Nebular Hypothesis -
*Emmanuel Swedenborg's theory about a rapidly rotating cloud of gas which produced our solar system
3 - Kant's Nebular Hypothesis - *Immanuel Kant's imaginary "repulsive forces"
4 - Buffon's Collision Hypothesis
- *Georges de Buffon's comet theory of planetary origin
5 - LaPlace's Nebular Hypothesis
- *Georges LaPlace's gas disk which throws off "rings"
6 - Darwin's Tidal Hypothesis
- *George Darwin's high tide which floated the moon into place in the sky
7 - Chamberlain and Moulton's Planetesimal Hypothesis
- They invented meteors which glued themselves into planets
8 - Jeans-Jeffreys' Tidal Hypothesis
- These two came up with a theory about a strand of gas which changed into "beads," and then became our solar system
9 - Von Weizsacker's Nebular Hypothesis
- *Carl Von Weizsacker's theory about roller bearings, shot from the sun, which produced the planets and moons
10 - Whipple's Dust Cloud Hypothesis
- *Fred Whipple's idea that "light rays" from the stars pushed dust into clouds, and "local turbulences" condensed into planets, stars, and moons
11 - Kuiper's Protoplanet Hypothesis - Gerald Kuiper's "chance eddies" of swirling gas which changed into planets and stars


12 - Lemaitre's Primeval Atom Hypothesis - Lemaitre's immense "super atom" mysteriously appeared, then exploded, expanded, and produced planets and stars
- *Gamow, *Alpher, and *Herman dream up this theory, which claims that nothing existed in the universe—except a dot which exploded
- *Fred Hoyle's continuous creation of hydrogen theory, which, in 1965, he repudiated and disproved.
- *Hannes Alfven's "koinomatter" which shrank and then exploded, with help from antimatter
- *George Gamow abandoned his Big Bang theory, in favor of this one, which has an infinite number of contractions and explosions
- *A.H. Guth's theory, which is also unworkable
- *C.W. Misner decided to use a kitchen appliance to explain his theory that the universe regularly oscillates between a cigar shape and pancake shape
- The astounding 1972 meeting of scientists, which discussed dozens of insoluable problems confronting the various cosmology theories. But the evolutionists do not tell you this
- How the supposed age of the universe has changed over the past few decades


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