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The evolutionary theories of origins cannot explain how the stars and galaxies were formed. No Big Bang ever occurred, and stars cannot evolve from gas. Scientists tell us so. Evolutionary theory is a myth; creation science is correct. God created everything; the evidence clearly points to it. This is science vs. evolution—a Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia, brought to you by Creation Science Facts.

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CONTENTS: SCIENTISTS SPEAK about Stellar Evolution - 1

Introduction - Both the Big Bang and stellar evolution are without scientific foundation
Star Formation - Gas clouds cannot form into stars, and stars cannot by accident begin rotating or organize themselves into galaxies
Binaries - Stars could not randomly form themselves into binaries
Galaxy Formation - Galaxy formation and maintenance is not possible by evolutionary principles

SCIENTISTS SPEAK about Stellar Evolution - 2

Globular Clusters - There is no way that these stellar objects ought to exist
Galactic Rotation and Mass - Major problems exist which are unsolved
First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics - These laws totally annihilate the possibility of evolution development
Black Holes - These theoretical extremes do not exist in reality
Conclusion - We need to face up to the truth; many scientists have

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