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Here are facts you will not read in the newspapers and magazines. Scientists know that the Big Bang did not, and could not, occur. In professional books and journals they tell why the theory is unworkable. Evolutionary theory is a myth. Nothing else can explain the mountain of evidence. This is science vs. evolution—a Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia, brought to you by Creation Science Facts.

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SCIENTISTS SPEAK about the Origin of Matter: 1

Introduction: A foolish concept
The Atomic Gaps:
A special reason why the Big Bang could not produce the heavier elements
Wrong Elements:
The Big Bang could not have produced the elements in our planets
Supernova: Star explosions do not occur often enough
Population III Stars Missing:
The theoretical "first stars" are not there
Calculations Are Too Close:
The theory requires calculations within extremely narrow limits

SCIENTISTS SPEAK about the Origin of Matter - 2

Missing Matter: The Big Bang theory does not agree with the amount of matter in the universe
Ever Outflowing:
The Big Bang does not explain the universe as we know it
Stellar Rotation Too Rapid:
Many stars turn too fast to have been casually formed
Antimatter Not There: The Big Bang would have produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter
Universe Too lumpy:
The theory does not allow for such lumpy things as stars and galaxies

SCIENTISTS SPEAK about the Origin of Matter: 3

Background Radiation: The facts disprove this "evidence"
Redshift: Scientific facts disprove the speed theory application also
Arp Discoveries:
A careful scientist found much evidence disproving the theory

SCIENTISTS SPEAK about the Origin of Matter: 4

Quasar: Their existence ruins the speed theory
The Big Bang theory has been discredited

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