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Ours is only One of Many


Ours is only one of many Creationist organizations able to serve you. We encourage you to contact the others. They have many fine products and services which we do not carry.

Although we have the lowest-cost, broadest spectrum, single book refuting evolutionist errors, which is written for common folk, there are other Creationist groups which can provide you with an outstanding variety of excellent helps, such as these:

Research books into specific fields.

• General survey books in larger print and hardback bindings.

• Full-color children's booklets.

• Excellent special-topic videos.

• Full-range video lecture series.

In addition, there are many local Creationist organizations, scattered throughout the world field, which would welcome you as a member. They provide fellowship, and some publish small newsletters.

Here are several addresses, so you can contact these other very worthwhile organizations:

For a more complete, worldwide list, visit our website:

Institute for Creation Research


Mailing Address (for regular mail):

Institute for Creation Research
P. O. Box 59029
Dallas, Texas 75229

Business Address (for visits or overnight mail):

Institute for Creation Research
1806 Royal Lane
Dallas, Texas 75229

The best monthly Creationist periodical, presenting articles of scientific interest primarily geared to scientific professionals, is published by the Creation Research Society. 

For Subscriptions:


Or call 800.337.0375 and ask for the Subscriptions Department

For Customer Service, call 800.628.7640.

For questions about ordering, email  

Answers in Genesis

Mailing Address:
PO Box 510
Hebron, KY 41048

Street Address:
2800 Bullittsburg Church Rd.
Petersburg, KY 41080

Phone: (859) 727-2222

Customer service: (800) 778-3390

Ministry information—events, radio, etc.: (800) 350-3232  

Geoscience Research Institute

Geoscience Research Institute
11060 Campus St
Loma Linda, CA 92350
(909) 558-4548

Creation Science Seminars

Seminar: Worldviews And Violence Prevention
CONTACT NAME: Robert C. Frey
13150 Stewart Ave.
Norwood, MN  55368-9675