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October 2002 

Work is being done by a group called Life Dynamics, which is very important to the understanding of the current legal issues of abortion.  They had a girl call a lot of abortion clinics, mostly Planned Parenthood, and pretend to be 13 and pregnant by a man in his 20s, and asking about an abortion.

Now the law requires all such situations to be reported to law enforcement, since that is child abuse.  Instead, the girl was told (on tape) by the clinics, not to mention her age when she came in, or mention the age of the man she was having an affair with.  In other words, in a number of different ways, they covered up the child abuse.  It became obvious that they were not following the law in this way, but were enabling the child abuse to go on by giving an abortion and not reporting.

This is a tremendous breakthrough in opposition to abortion, because these clinics are breaking the law, and this group has the evidence to prove it.  Not only can they be prosecuted legally, and are being in some places, but the parents and the young girls can sue them for huge amounts.  This can cause many of these clinics to close.

Here is a letter from a well-informed visitor to ‘Dangers of Abortion’

I was happy to come across something on your site from my page, RFM NEWS (www.rfmnews.com).  It's a story my husband wrote on Nurse Jill Stanek's testimony before a hearing in the Illinois State Senate on live-birth abortion. This gruesome procedure is something the public needs to learn about. From our experience, the average person, who isn't informed on the different types of abortions, like partial-birth and live-birth abortion, once told about this cannot believe this is happening in our country and will then want to end it. Indeed, while protesting in Illinois, we talked to a gentleman who couldn't believe what we were telling him and he said, "If this is true [live-birth abortion] it would be murder." We believe the public needs to be educated, and once educated, we feel many will change their minds on abortion. This protest took place just blocks from Christ Hospital where Jill worked and first revealed that live-birth abortions were occurring not only there, but across the country and in Canada as well.

(Articles below re-) Life Dynamics, Inc. and their undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood (PP) and how the abortion clinics cover up cases of child sexual abuse, which they are required to report by law. So, a Life Dynamics, Inc. employee(s) called something like 800 plus PP clinics in, I believe, 49 states. This person(s) pretended to be a 13 year old girl who became pregnant by her 21 year old boyfriend. She asked if she could get an abortion without her parent's knowledge and they told her yes, but they also told her, "When you come in, don't tell anyone because we are supposed to report things like this [an adult impregnating a minor child]." J.Z.  

Other links of interest:

Media Watch column (http://www.illinoisleader.com/columnists/columnistsview.asp?c=2526) on the fact Concerned Women for America of Illinois held a press conference about this PP cover up issue and the media did attend, BUT the story never made it to the public.

Here is Karen Malec, the President of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, most recent article, written for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is at: http://www.rfmnews.com/nm/publish/news_44.html

Also, Elizabeth Verchio, the executive director of Victims Of Choice, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping women who have had abortions deal with their grief has a commentary at: http://www.rfmnews.com/nm/publish/news_21.html

Story can be found at: http://www.illinoisleader.com/news/newsview.asp?c=2302

REPORT: Illinois abortion clinics ignore sexual abuse

Thursday, October 03, 2002


By The Leader-Chicago Bureau (chicago@illinoisleader.com)


CHICAGO-– Recordings of conversations between a minor girl and Planned Parenthood staffers were released to the public today, revealing that Planned Parenthood staff members tell their clients that they will keep information about alleged child sexual abuse and statutory rape from authorities.

In the recorded conversations, a female actress portrays a 13 year old girl speaking with staff members of 21 different Planned Parenthood clinics located throughout Illinois. In the tapes, the "13-year-old" discusses her relationship with a 22-year-old sexual partner. The recordings were made in a nationwide investigation conducted by Texas-based Life Dynamics.

A coalition of Illinois pro-family, pro-life organizations calling themselves the Committee to Protect Illinois Children, headed by Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Illinois in partnership with the Illinois Right to Life Committee, suggests that 21 Planned Parenthood (PP) and National Abortion Federation (NAF) abortion clinics in Illinois knowingly cooperate with minor girls under the age of consent who may be involved in sexual relationships with men over age 21, an illegal act in Illinois.

The caller in the recordings was seeking an abortion in an unmistakable effort to conceal illicit sex from her parents and authorities. Calls were made to over 800 abortion clinics nationwide during late February and early March this year. Illinois will be the fifth state to make the audiotapes and results public. (continued below table)

The calls to 21 Illinois PP and NAF abortion clinics, by a caller portraying herself as a 13-year-old girl with a 22-year-old boyfriend, were recorded this spring by Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas.

Transcripts of the recorded conversations are available at Illinois Leader -- Abortion Clinic Transcripts.

Go to article to hear the actually phone calls- http://www.illinoisleader.com/news/newsview.asp?c=2302  

"The caller wasn't 13, that's true," said Mark Crutcher, Director of Life Dynamics. "But the clinic workers are telling us what the organizational policy is. What they're saying is, if a legitimate 13-year-old came in pregnant by a 40-year-old, this is what they would do. What is shown by the tapes is an intent to break the law."

Crutcher went on to say, "All 50 states clearly mandate that healthcare workers report any possible cases of child sexual abuse, which includes statutory rape. Clinics and workers who fail to report, or worse, actively participate to conceal the sexual conduct of adult men having sex with an underage girl, may be guilty of concealing a felony."

While the young voice asks the Planned Parenthood clinic about the availability of a secret abortion, coalition spokeswoman Jill Stanek, CWA of Illinois' Pro-Life Coordinator, said today that the ramifications are far-reaching.

“This goes beyond abortion. It goes to the issues of dispensing birth control to minors and treating their sexually-transmitted diseases, as well. There are underage girls impregnated by adult men sitting in clinic waiting rooms today with no one helping them. The adults who know about it are turning their backs on them.” said Jill Stanek, CWA of Illinois Pro-Life Coordinator. “This is utterly indefensible.”

Mark Crutcher said from his Texas office, "We can't allow family planning facilities to become sanctuaries for men who sexually abuse children. To think that there would be adults who are in positions to know about this, and hear the conversations they've had with that child . . . They're talking to a child who is a victim of felony sexual assault, and they're giving her advice as to how to cover it up."

Audio and written transcripts are being sent to the Illinois Attorney General, all 102 States’ Attorneys, and 61 County Board Chairmen who have family planning clinics in their counties, with a request to immediately open investigations and take appropriate action concerning possible abortion clinic complicity in reporting law violations.

A page with a listing of the 21 transcripts of the phone conversations is at:


This page below is one of the 21 detailed transcripts between a PP staffer and a person they thought was 13 years old. Unbelievable! 



Largest Conspiracy Ever

Monday, October 07, 2002
By Kevin McCullough (kmc@wyll.com)  - How Planned Parenthood Supports Rapists and Child Molesters
Concerned Women for America and Illinois Right to Life held a press conference in downtown Chicago about Planned Parenthood's protection of child molesters. Little or no press coverage resulted.
How old is your daughter? 13? 14? If that's the case, are you sure you know where she is right now?

You need to be. You need to be extremely aware of who she is talking to and who she is hanging with. The reason why is simple: some medical "professionals" are aiding those who would like to rape or sexually assault her and they will aid them again and again and again - as long as they can make $285-$710 per rape or sexual assault. The really strange thing about it is - that most likely you or your daughter or some other relative or maybe even the rapist themselves will be the one who pays these medical "professionals" their commission on these rapes.

Is there anything more terrifying than rape or sexual assault? Why do you suppose that statutory rape laws even exist? Have you ever even thought about it? Has the idea ever occurred to you that a grown man could be manipulating your young daughter's mind to do something that her heart would never tell her to do? That as she is in his clutches he promises to do nothing for her she doesn't wish to happen, but in the end he does only what pleases himself? How well are you familiar with all the people your daughter hangs out with?

Is it proper for a taxpayer-funded organization to become wealthy because 13 & 14 year old girls are getting raped?

So...where did you say your daughter is right now?

Last week on my radio show in Chicago, a nationwide sting was made public in which details of how this "aiding and abetting" continues.

The short of it goes like this:

A girl is impregnated by her 19-23 year old "boyfriend", she calls a local Planned Parenthood clinic to discover if she can secure an abortion. Because Illinois is a state in which there is no required parental notification, she may be calling from anywhere in the Midwest. She is told that in Illinois parents do not have to be notified. She is also told that "no one else" will be notified either.

She quickly asks the child the date of her last period, how she will be paying, and when she would like to schedule her appointment. She also reminds the child that there is a $35 extra fee if the child wishes to be asleep during the procedure. If the girl is from out of state - like so many who get their abortions at the "Hope Clinic" in southern Illinois are, then the "boyfriend" (most likely) has to figure out how they will get there and back.

Never mind that transporting a minor across state lines without permission of her parents is considered felony kidnapping. Never mind that in any local school if the health professional wishes to give that child an aspirin for a headache they must first gain the permission of the parents to do so (permission mind you - not mere notification).

Never mind that state law requires that any person serving in the public trust of a child (clergy, school teacher, health professional), who discovers that a sex crime has been carried out against a child, is required by law to report it. No, never mind any of it because as long as people don't, this problem will just go away. Right?

I say no!

The information uncovered by Life Dynamics in clinics throughout Illinois, and in 906 clinics nationally, did indeed prove beyond reasonable doubt that Planned Parenthood will not follow statutes on the books, be they state or federal, when it comes to reporting sexual abuse of a minor.

How many weeks ago was it that the Catholic priest scandal dominated the headlines every single evening in the newsrooms across America? Priests after all, are men who serve the "public." In speaking to some of my nursing friends, I was reminded that if a child shows up at an emergency room, with bruises, bumps, or suspicions of sexual abuse that, by law, nurses are required to notify authorities immediately. Why? To protect the welfare of a child that may be being abused.

Where is your daughter?

Life Dynamics also revealed in speaking with me last week that the average age of a man who now impregnates under aged girls is 27. As a matter of fact, of all underaged pregnancies in America today between 60-80% of all of them are perpetrated by men who are of age. The most damning reality of all of this is that an underage girl today is 3-4 times more likely to get pregnant by a man who is of age than by a boy who is her peer.

Where is the coverage of this scandal? Why aren't ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN et al, making this the lead story tonight on their network newscasts?

We in Illinois have faced this daunting reality with a coordinated strategy. Pro-life groups have made copies of the survey, evidence of the phone calls, and detailed letters explaining all of it to each of the 102 state's attorney's in the state. We have also surveyed the candidates for the upcoming Attorney General's race what they will do if elected to protect our girls.

This is the largest criminal conspiracy ever perpetrated on the children of America. The numbers of teen girls being raped and sexually abused is staggering. The fact that Planned Parenthood and operators of other abortion facilities in Illinois cover it up so they can make quick profit is enraging.

Our silence will say to Planned Parenthood - "Go ahead, let our daughters be raped...we care nothing for them."

How damning for us all.