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HIV haunts hoary halls of abortion clinics

        ( Why aborting women have (at least) a 150% increased AIDS risk)

26 October 1998

     Who has a higher risk of contracting AIDS, a  person  with a strong immune system or a person with a weak immune system?  Those  who  do not know that a weak immune system is the easier 'road' to AIDS, should read Rethinking Aids  (Robert Root-Bernstein, PhD).  Who  is  more  likely to have a weak immune system, a woman who  smokes, 'boozes',  has  VD,  and takes oral contraceptives or a woman with none of  these 'factors'?  Why should oral contraceptives  reduce  the  strength  of the immune system? "Birth control pills rob  the  body  of  nutrients. Many  pill-users are seriously deficient in folic acid, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6,  B12, C, E and essential minerals such as zinc and  magnesium.  A  pill-user's need for vitamin B6 is 50 to 100 times greater than normal requirements. " [1]  Women who resort to induced abortion are at a much elevated  risk of smoking, VD, binge drinking and taking oral contraceptives.

How much increased risk of AIDS for women who have induced abortions? The Lancet is a prestigious medical journal.  In 1992 it reported a 154% increased risk of HIV infection for women who chose induced abortion versus  women  who  chose  delivering  babies.  [2]  Also  in  1992  the prestigious British Medical Journal reported  a  554% increased HIV risk for women who chose induced abortion versus women who delivered. [3]  In 1997 the European Journal of Epidemiology reported a 172% increased HIV-1  risk for women who chose abortion.  The lowest risk increase of  these 3 studies is 154%!!

Promise fullfiled?

'Birth control' (i.e. birth prevention) advocates  promised a revolution in women's health.  They have delivered, but only  if you believe that AIDS wiping out women is a benefit. However, worse than AIDS is that aborting women are much more likely to start smoking cigarettes. How can the U.S. president fight teen smoking but promote induced abortion?

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Healthy Choices for Women,
Mike Richmond
email:   newscan@vcn.bc.ca