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Adoption--A Better Way!

If you are considering an abortion, please consider carrying the baby to term and giving it up for adoption. Many couples are eagerly willing to adopt babies. Here is one such couples testimony:

I was at work one Monday morning in early October when one of my co-workers said that there was a mother in our hospital that had delivered a baby but did not want to have anything to do with it. The lady had come into the hospital on Sunday evening to deliver and was leaving Monday morning without even seeing the baby or knowing anything about it. She had signed all responsibility for the baby to the doctor that had delivered the baby.

I had been working in the laboratory of a small hospital in a rural town for the last nine years. My wife and I had several conversations in the last couple of years about adopting a child. We have two sons, ages 15 and 12, and my wife has always wanted a little girl. For the last two years, she had been praying for an opportunity to adopt a little girl through our hospital, since we both knew that we could not afford an agency.

The Sabbath before, my wife had been at church and after seeing another mother with her 2 baby boys, one of which is adopted, my wife prayed to the Lord that if it was His will He would send us a baby, boy or girl, but that His will be done in the matter.

So when I heard about the baby I immediately called my wife. I told her of the situation at the hospital and asked if she would be interested in pursuing the possibility of getting this baby boy. We had not talked about babies for at least a couple of months, so she was surprised and excited, and asked if she could come see him. I said for her to come and we would see what we could do. Then I called the doctor that delivered the baby and told her that I heard there was a baby that she had delivered and if she needed a home for him to be adopted into that we would be ready, willing, and able. She told me she would keep us in mind. She had a couple of other families in mind already that she would have to talk with but if things fell through with them she would call us.

That evening my wife and I prayed that the Lord's will be done in the situation, but to please let us have him. Then my wife talked me into thinking about names.

Tuesday morning I was at work when my wife called me and told me that he was ours. The doctor had called our home and talked to my wife about the baby. There would be a lot of paper work and lawyers, but he was ours. That afternoon we made arrangements for my wife to join the baby in the hospital and she stayed with him until he came home.

We have been very blessed by the addition of Seth Robert to our family. He is a very happy boy and has brought a lot of cheer to all of us. Even though it has been twelve years since we have had a baby in our home, it has been very easy making the adjustments to having him. He has brought a lot of love, and has brought out tenderness and love from each one of us. The older boys have gained a valuable experience in helping to take care of a newborn, and are continuing to learn more each day about child development.

During the proceedings with the lawyer we sent a message to the mother saying that we admired her, and applauded her decision to carry the baby to term even though she did not have plans to keep him after birth. We knew that it would have been very easy for her to abort the baby and save herself some trouble, but we are very glad that she did not do it and has given us the opportunity to raise another baby boy for the Lord. To us he is not a mistake or an accident, but a gift from God in answer to our prayers.